Beta Readers + You!

Two weeks ago, we talked about getting feedback from beta readers. This week, I will let you know how to find beta readers.

I was a little afraid of finding beta readers. It’s scary to have other read a work that you have been working on for years. (Yes RTG has been a work in progress for literal years). My first round of betas were people I met through Instagram. People I invested my time into. They were people I cared about and people that cared about me. I had them invested in my characters because I drew them all the time. I literally still draw them and you can view them on my characters page or my Art Instagram.

During this round I allowed them to read my work for a month giving them access to my Google Doc and the ability to create comments only. (Unfortunately, I had to turn off notifications so I wouldn’t prematurely look at the comments being made.)

Besides giving them access to the document, I also sent them a questionnaire. This questionnaire collected their thoughts concerning the characters, plot, and any suggestions or comments they made have had while reading. I made each of them their own document in Drive so I could go back to read their comments.

I also thanked them at the start of the document for reading it! It’s time out of their life and they spent it with me and my writings.

I also found readers on Twitter. Twitter has a wonder writing community. Everyone I have come in contact with is so supportive and encouraging and I had a couple of offers after I put my need there. I didn’t know personally the person I allowed to read my work, but she was super helpful. My first round of betas got the ball rolling and the last one helped me create version 3 which I am very proud of.

If you have questions, leave them below or follow me on Twitter! Want to know more about my book? Follow me on Instagram.

Stay cool peeps!
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