Follow the path: Using an Outline

This is another blog that has been on my mind to do and HOORAY! I’m finally sitting down to write it! As you can tell, we are here to talk about one thing and one thing only! OUTLINES!

So what is an outline? An outline according to Google is a general description or plan giving the essential features of something but not the detail. It’s like a skeleton for something we want to accomplish.

Google Sheets

Here is an example of one of my outlines. I use Google Sheets because I can color code and edit easily, but whatever works for you will work the same. In each column I write the events from my mind map! You can view my previous blog about mind maps to find out how to get use them to create chapters!

So where do you go after you write out the events in each chapter? You go to the paper! Write! Using the outline is very helpful if you actually stick to the outline. With each point I complete in my outline I color it to show my progress!


Write what is on the outline even if it makes little sense. You can always edit words on the paper later, but if you never get started then what is there to edit?

Following the outline has helped me tremendously. I wrote 8 chapters. Are they perfect? NO WAY! Do they need editing? YES! And probably a doctor! But I believe I can finish this book much faster than Road to Grimpaitra.


Complete each point in your outline to end the chapter. Does it matter that your chapter is 3 pages long? Say it with me… NOPE! Remember that you didn’t add any descriptions or too much narrative, but guess what! You can ALWAYS go back and edit it and give you skeleton some meat! You can’t add meat to something that doesn’t exist!

Another key tip for using the outline… DO NOT EDIT AS YOU GO! You lose momentum like that and you never get far. Your first draft will always be pending.

What can we conclude then about outlines?

  1. They are super helpful!
  2. Follow them to a T if you want to finish your first draft.
  3. Do not edit as you go!


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Stay cool peeps!
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