Not so Proud: Chapter 2

So here we are! This week I have a treat for you… well, maybe not. This is the original chapter 2 of Road to Grimpaitra! This is back before it was Road to Grimpaitra! It didn’t have a name when I wrote this. We are talking circa 2011, probably. It’s terrible and really cringey. Let me tell you some differences!

  • Danica and Dion’s mom’s name WAS Carla. Now her name is Lillian.
  • Danica’s love interest was named Jonathan, but now he is Ethan.
  • Danica and Dion were in High School but now they are in college!

That’s all that is in this chapter, actually. Well, the snippet in all its UNEDITED glory. Let’s all agree that version 1 of a book is going to be awful, and I’m so glad I dumped 95% of this chapter off.

After Dion had left Danica’s room, she went to her room to be alone. She tried to sort through the events of the day to make sense of it. She shut the door and began to pace back and forth across her room. Rubbing her chin, Dion gathered herself. “Okay let me recount what happened today,” She began. “Jonathan kissed me; Danica is acting weird, and let me not forget that levitating pencil. Maybe I should have at the very least told Dani about the pencil. Hmm no, she didn’t seem like she wanted to talk anyway.” Dion reflected as she stopped in front of the mirror to admire herself. “But Jonathan kissed me… Is it wrong to be excited about something like that? Even if it hurts someone you love?” she questioned the smile on her face fading. She looked at a selfie of her and her sister on her nightstand from their beach trip last summer. “I don’t think so… I’m allowed to get excited when handsome guys kiss me.” She blushed.

Her heart began to race as she thought more about Jonathan. Her phone vibrated next to her, and as she looked at the sender, she noticed it was him. Her heart picked up more speed as she gripped her pillow in excitement. She lied back on her bed, held her phone in the air, and opened the message that read:

Hope you are feeling better about what happened between us earlier, Dion. I’ll talk to you later?

Out of her peripheral, she noticed that her pillows next to her were levitating. She hopped out of bed, and they fell back down to her mattress.

What the heck is going on? Maybe I should go talk to mom.

 Dion slipped her phone into her back pocket and left her room and headed down to her mom’s den. She walked throw a smaller archway that led to a slightly narrow hallway, and there was the large wooden door with black trimming. Hesitating for a moment, Dion knocked on the door and waited restlessly for her mother to open it. Carla opened it and greeted her daughter with a smile.

“Hey, sweetie,” Carla said.

 “Something up?”

“Mom, can I talk to you about something?” Dion asked as she 

played with her fingers nervously. With a nod, Carla ushered her daughter into her den.

 “Of course. What’s on your mind?” Carla inquired as she walked over to her desk. Dion saw her mother putting away a small beautiful crystal ball. She noticed that her mother would always have the ball sitting on her desk, but would always put it away whenever she and Danica would enter the room.

 “Quick question. I never asked what that was.” She knew it was a crystal ball, but she just didn’t know what purpose it served.

Carla paused and then continued to close the lid on the box that held her orb. “Just a gift I received. What did you have on your mind?” she asked as she tried to change the subject.

“Well… Some strange occurrences happened today, and I just don’t have any explanations.” Dion said making herself comfortable on the brown tufted loveseat in front of her mom’s desk. “Like what?” Carla inquired.

 She walked around to the front of her desk and leaned on it in front of her daughter waiting for her to elaborate.

Dion thought for a moment. She was having second thoughts about revealing what had happened to her. She looked at her mother and bit her lip as she tried to think of something to say.  

“Dion, Are you okay?” Carla asked with one eyebrow raised. 

Dion nodded. “Oh yeah… Um on second thought mom it’s not that important.” She said trying to laugh it off as she hopped up.

“Are you sure?” Carla inquired with confusion as she stood up.

“Yes. I was just going to say that sometimes it feels like I can feel my hair growing.” Dion said. Laughing uncomfortably, Dion back away slowly towards the exit.

“Your hair? Growing? Like on your head?” Carla asked, folding her arms across her chest.

“Yeah. Of course. Get your mind out of the gutter mom ha-ha. Sometimes it feels strange like tingling” Dion said as she bumped into the globe in the den. She quickly turned around to stop it from falling over. “Nothing serious.” Dion continued as she stabilized the miniature version of the planet. Carla looked at her daughter with a confused look on her face. “Bye, mom!” Dion exclaimed as she ran off, shutting the door behind her.

Carla gave a sigh as she shook her head. She walked back to her desk and opened the top drawer. That was where she kept a picture of her and her ex-husband when Danica and Dion were first born. “Did you hear her? She could feel her hair growing.” Carla murmured at the photograph of her family, “They look more and more like you, and I see that day by day.” She admired her ex-husband’s smiling face in the photography and smiled, “I wish you were here. How different would life be if you were.”


You made it this far! Wow! Thank you!

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