June 6, 2020

Before we get started, I want to let you know that my book will be available on June 6! It’s my very first novel! You can read the first 3 chapters today and pre-order the e-book on AmazonGoogle Play, or Books2Read.

I couldn’t have gotten this far without some people in my corner. I just want to give a shout out to the awesome people who helped RTG become what it is now! I want to give thanks to God for never letting this story die in me! I love Road to Grimpaitra and I’m so glad we are at this point!

I also want to thank my friend, Mecca, who has helped me develop my story and characters! She gave me a lot of insight and I call her plot mother. It’s a joke between us. She has awesome ideas and amazing insights. I really learned a lot from her while developing, writing, editing my book!

I also want to thank my Editor, Kendyll. She was amazing to work with! She turned RTG into something truly special with her editing. She was so nice to work with! If you are a writer, you can look into her services! I appreciate her!

My beta readers, Anthony & Emilly have also been awesome! They helped me see the flaws to fix and know what I did awesome! My dear friend, Ian Kirkpattiecake, helped so much with editing RTG before it got to my editor!

Last, I want to thank my husband, Gerald! He has been so supportive of my work. He has encouraged me to write and helped support my dream by funding the things I needed even in my art. He is so calm and understanding and I LOVE HIM!

I’ll be so glad when Road to Grimpaitra is finally released! JUNE 6, 2020!


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Snap a look at my new coloring experience!

Stay cool, peeps!
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