MAKE THE CUT: Deleted Scenes

Before we get started, I want to let you know that my book will be available on June 6! It’s my very first novel! You can read the first 3 chapters today and pre-order the e-book on AmazonGoogle Play, or Books2Read.

There are some scenes in Road to Grimpaitra that didn’t get to make the cut. Am I sad about it? Not really. I wrote the scenes, but they just didn’t fit in the way I structured my book. Excuse the mess!

The doorbell rang, and her head popped up. She wiped her tears and rushed to the door. Nora stood on the other side with a smile that soon faded.

“Honey. Look at you,” she frowned. “You look terrible.”

“Last night wasn’t a good night.” Lillian chuckled.

“Well, that’s why I bought over stuff for facials!” Nora held up a giant brown beach bag and walked into the house. “We love facials. I bought enough for the girls too. Are they here? It’s quiet.”

“They’re… out.” Lillian said.

“I’ll leave the extra supplies here for when they get back,” Nora said. She set her bag down and pushed Lillian over to the couch. “What’s with the long face, hon?”

“I have a lot on my mind.”

She moved her tight blonde curls out the way and sat beside Lillian. “Get it all out, honey.” Nora pulled out two wrapped wine glasses and a large bottle of expensive red wine. “Tell me what’s on your mind.”

Lillian sighed. “I’ve been keeping this to myself for years…”

Nora moved closer, handing her a glass. “Okay? What’s the big secret?”

“The girls are visiting their father…”

“Their father? You still talk to him? Any time I brought him up you always change the subject. I assumed you weren’t on good terms.”

“At the moment, we aren’t.”

“Did he come back for the girls? Did seeing him again after all these years hurt you? Do we have to hurt him? A girl at my job got divorced and every time she sees him, he says something slick to her. I tell her to give my son a few years to be a lawyer and he will bail her out if things get violent.” Nora said, taking a sip of her drink. She touched Lillian’s hand. “Did he say something slick to you? You can tell me. I keep a bat in the car.”

“Ason and I are still together. He isn’t like that.”

“How? That’s crazy talk. It’s been twenty years. I’d divorce Justin in a matter of weeks if we had to be apart that long.”

“It’s love, I guess. We talk every day.”

“What?! We’ve been best friends since our children were in kindergarten and you’re just now tell me you keep in touch? I want to meet him. I have a lot of questions to ask this Ason person.” Nora frowned.  

Lillian swooshed around the wine in her glass. “I’d love for you to meet him, but he lives in another world.”

“Is that code for something else?” Nora asked, confused. “Does he live in the ghetto?”

“Not at all. The girls and I are from a place called Gold Gate that sits parallel to Earth.” Lillian conjured up a pack of Nora’s favorite cookies and tossed them to her. “And I’m a witch and in short the queen of a world parallel to this one.”

Nora looked between her and the cookies. Her mouth opened and closed, but nothing came out but a small high-pitched squeal.

“I know this is a lot. For so long, I had to hide this from you, but it was for the girls’ sake. How can you tell your six-year-old daughters they are from a parallel world and have special powers?” Lillian huffed a weak laugh. “But I’m telling you now because I need support outside of Ason. My girls are in Gold Gate and I suspect that something bad will happen to them or has or is and I can’t place it.”

Nora looked down at her cookies and drew her eyebrows together in deep thought. She opened and closed her mouth a few more times before she spoke.

“I can prove everything is true. Hold on.” 

Thank you for taking the time to read! I hope you check out Road to Grimpaitra to see what ACTUALLY happened!


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