Flash Fiction: Death

Here is a flash fiction I wrote as a homework assignment from Sacha Black’s NEW BOOK, Anatomy of prose! It’s really good so far so check it out!

Also before you read my 250 word fiction piece, I wanted to let you know that you get my new book, Road to Grimpaitra, today! You can read the first 3 chapters FREE!

Miles screamed, calling out for his wife. He held her icy body in his arms. The frost clung to her—lashes, arms, cheeks, chest. She lay before him a human icicle. He kissed her forehead. The smell of her shampoo catapulted him to the time they first met. Her smiling face would be nothing more than a memory, at least for him.


The slow pitter patter of small feet grew closer and from the around the corner peeked his daughter. Their daughter. Adamaris. Her mother’s smile and her touch would be nothing but a hazy memory..

“Did mommy fall asleep on the floor?”

“No, snowflake.” Miles picked up his wife and placed her on the bed. He stared at her for a moment. Her laughter, her humming, and her voice echoed in between his ears like a cave.


He picked up his little one and headed back to his room, heart threatening to break out of his chest. “You need to get to bed, snowflake.”

“I heard you screaming, and I got scared.”

He laid her in bed, tucking her back under her blankets. “I’m fine. Daddy is fine. I just need to get some rest, just like you snowflake.”

It wasn’t long before Adamaris closed her eyes, and tiny snores rose from her lips. Miles kissed her, the warmth of her forehead bringing tears to his eyes. She would grow up to be an ice mage just like her mother and he needed to protect her.

The End

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