Book Review: The Crown of Bones

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A few months ago, I read The Crown of Bones by Rosalyn Briar. It’s a dark fantasy novel packed with action on nearly every page. Officially, Rosalyn gives this description of the book:

Gisela knows about sacrifice all too well. She abandoned her education, friends, and fairy tales to support her family and care for her sister. But when she jilts a wealthy suitor, Gisela is chosen for another type of sacrifice. As an Offering to the Goddess Bergot, Gisela and seven others are sent on a deadly quest for a mythical crown. To return home, Gisela must overcome obstacles which darkly resemble the fairy tales she once believed.Weaving through a tapestry of friendship, romance, violence, and magic—Gisela becomes the target of an ancient evil force, while an ominous detail from the past haunts her at every turn.To what lengths will Gisela go to save the ones she loves? Sometimes sacrifices must be made.

I don’t finish a lot of books in a timely fashion because of my new schedule, but I did finish this one, and I was sad to see it end.

I want to talk about a 3 points that stuck out to me.

Characters: I really loved the characters. Gisela is so headstrong and relatable with wanting to care for her family. I loved that she’s a hard worker and super smart! I also love how she went off the deep end, sometimes haha. Brahm was also amazing. He is literally my TCoB husband. Everyone needs a Brahm. I thought I’d want the heros to succeed in this book, but actually the villain is MY QUEEN!!

Pace: For me, the pace was perfect. I felt like it took time to explore what was important and didn’t shove a wall of text in my face. I loved how fast it was in most place because sometimes I skip details in other books because of the walls of text and confusing descriptions. It kept my attention! Oh! And the chapters were so easy to digest. The chapters were 1394391300592pages long, like in some books I have read. I appreciated that the author broke it up.

Scenery: Everything was easy to see. I didn’t find myself confused on anything I read. I understood where I was and what each character looked like. Not that all the characters are explained to a T, but they were described enough to give me an image.

I really enjoyed this book. It was easy to read and understand, and there were some parts of this book that left me with my mouth open. If you like fantasy novels, I recommend it!

Check out The Crown of Bones on Amazon or Barnes & Noble and the audio book on Audible!

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