Deleted Scenes: Road to Destiny #1

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So between version 3 and version 4 of Road to Destiny Kissed by Ice, there are a lot of scenes that didn’t make it. A lot of this is because there are A LOT of characters that didn’t make it. Today’s character is Zara. She was a “friend” of Adamaris’s and I’m not really sure why I needed her to be honest. Anyway, here is a tiny snippet of Adamaris and Zara interacting!

“Oh! Can we stop by Mrs. Marloon’s? She might have new inventory.”

“Tell the truth. You just want to see Laird.”

Zara’s face turned red. She twirled the ends of her hair. “A little.”

“You can go by yourself. I have chores to do before I can leave tonight.”

She stuck out her lip and grabbed her hand. “Please? It won’t take long. I’ll just pop in and pop out.”

“You don’t know how to ‘pop in’.”

“I’ll learn today! Promise.”

They weaved through the crowd to the Marloon’s booth. While they didn’t find Mrs. Marloon, Laird sat there bored with his head resting on his hand, zoned out.

Zara fingered through her hair and patted her cheeks. “How’s my hair?”

“It’s fine…”

“Okay… Is my outfit okay?”

“Are you going to change clothes here?” Adamaris asked.

“I want to look good for Laird.”

“Either he likes you back, or he doesn’t.” She rolled her eyes.

“As the maid of honor at my wedding, you’d better change your tone.” 

Zara held her shoulders back and approached the booth. Laird said nothing as he stared into space. She ran her hands over a few of the pants on the counter and cleared her throat.

“My these pants are amazing.”

Laird smirked at them. “Adamaris here without your butt buddy?”

“Piss off.” She scoffed. Nothing would make her happier than deck him one good time. He thought he was better than Max and therefore better than her. 

“Hi, Laird.” Zara leaned over the counter and batted her eyes.

“Can I help you get something? My mom is away for a second, but she can be back soon to help you with figuring out sizes.”

“Hm… I just browsing.”

“Alright.” He shrugged.

“Are we done now?” Adamaris pursed her lips and wish this moment would end.

“Need make sure Max takes a nappy?” Laird asked.

Adamaris balled her fists and drew in several deep breaths. She told her dad she wouldn’t hit anyone else.

“I’m gonna head home, okay?”

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