Author Spotlight: Debbie McQueen

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Today’s Spotlight interview is with fellow Indie Author Debbie McQueen! I met Debbie in a Young Adult Fiction Writer’s group on Facebook! Today let’s get to know her!

Let’s get to know you!

Who are you and what meal would you gladly eat forever?
Debbie: I have been married to my husband for 18 years. We have two unique, funny, and clever teens. I am a proud LGBTQ+ ally, an indie author, and an avid reader. My favorite genre to read is YA/NA Fantasy or PNR. As for food- I love pizza, it’s pretty much the perfect food, I could eat it all the time. One of my favorite meals is corned beef, cabbage, and potatoes- yumm.

If you could tell your younger writing self anything, what would it be?
Debbie: Write what you like and don’t give up. Not every book has to be a masterpiece that will challenge minds and hearts, sometimes it’s okay to write something that’s fun.

What would you say is the best thing about you?
Debbie: I would say I’m nice. It’s something that I always try to be, at least.

Favorite movie and why?
Debbie: This is tough, like asking about your favorite book, just one…one singular movie…I guess I’d have to say Princess Bride is definitely up there on my all-time faves.

Let’s get to know your book?

Tell us a little about your book and inspiration for it?
Debbie: Of Heart and Wings is the first of a 4-book series. I knew I wanted to write a YA series that showed LGBTQ+ characters as the heroes, in an epic love story. The idea for this book started really simply, with the concept of having a dragon shifter that would represent my gender diverse friends and loved ones. As a human, he’s a male, but his dragon is female.

What message would you like readers to get from your book?
Debbie: Besides being a fun fantasy adventure, I really wanted to show that deep and meaningful connection isn’t defined by gender. I also really wanted to show love and acceptance. My characters will never face any hate or negativity for who they love. There are no love triangles, and my characters will never question their love for each other, even if the world around them is falling apart.

Which character was the easiest to write? Who was the most challenging?
Debbie: I think my favorite/easiest character to write is Egan, my dragon shifter, at least in some ways. He is adorkably awkward since he’s always had to keep to himself, so when he starts a friendship with Raiden, the prince, he sometimes has a foot in mouth moments, and doesn’t quite say the right things. I can totally relate, not to the prince or the dragon part, but sometimes when I’m trying to be funny it just comes out as awkward 😉. The most challenging character to write is probably the king, Raiden’s father. I love his character. He leads with heart, and is nothing but supportive with Raiden and Egan, but he also has to give powerful and meaningful speeches to his people.


Favorite snack?
Debbie: Chips and Dip.

Favorite Color?
Debbie: Purple.

Book you’re currently reading?
Debbie: I just finished and ARC of The Woman in Darkness by Christopher Stanfield, and about to start an ARC of Total Enhancement by Amanda Carlson.

How can people find you?
Facebook- Author Debbie McQueen
Instagram @authordebbiemcqueen

Check out Debbie’s website and find her books on amazon!

Of Heart and Wings-
Bound in Fire-

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