The Truth about Writing Groups

Before we get started, I want to let you know that ROAD TO GRIMPAITRA is available! You can read the first 3 chapters today and order the e-book or paperback on AmazonGoogle Play, or Books2Read.

Hello! How’s it going? I hope today is going very well for you! I just wanted to write a quick blog about a writing group I joined a few months ago.

Why did I join a writing group?

While writing my newest unpublished work, I received such critique I wanted to cry. I probably cried, to be honest. I was anxious for days and I wanted to throw my entire manuscript in the trash. I thought it was okay, but it wasn’t.

I am grateful for the changes I made because of the feedback I received; I think it is a better story now, but the initial shock took me for a spin down several dark roads.

Anyway, after speaking with several people on twitter about my feelings to throw my entire book in the trash can, someone suggested that I join a writing group for people who are in my genre, which is young adult fantasy/fiction.

So I found the YA Fiction Writers group! This group has helped me sort through some things I had questions about in my manuscript and is an EXCELLENT source of support for new and seasoned writers both self and traditionally published. You can always ask any and every question you ever had without fear of judgement. And there is promotion allowed BUT ONLY ON TUESDAYS!

If you are an aspiring or published author in the young adult category, I recommend joining this facebook group today! Let them know I sent you!

You can also join my discord serve! The Writer’s Club is for all genres and all types of authors of writers! We’d love to have you! JOIN HERE!


Check out this interview with me done by the marvelous Ian Kirkpattiecake on YouTube here.

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Snap a look at my new coloring experience!

Stay cool, peeps!
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