Deleted Scenes: Road to Destiny #3

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So I wrote this and I don’t know where this was going to go. LOL

Here are a few things I gathered from reading this!

  1. Adamaris is a teenager.
  2. Zara still exists
  3. Her father can read minds. Miles has the power to read the thoughts of others and while this entire thing changed, his power has not.

Please enjoy version ??? of Road to Destiny!

“Adamaris and Max forever,” she giggled as she scribbled their names on a notebook. She cooed and drew hearts around his name. “Max and Adamaris Rivet.”

She opened the scrapbook and smiled at a picture of Max. He ran her fingers over the picture and bit the inside of her lip. Her hands frosted up at the thought of his laugh.

She looked at the clock and realized it was time to get going to class. She rushed to the door when her dad, Miles, stopped her.

“Now are you going to behave today young lady?”

“I behave every day.”

“I don’t want any calls about you and Laird again.”

“If he would learn to mind his business, we wouldn’t have any issues.”


She rolled her eyes. “I won’t say anything to him, okay?”

“I know he bothers your friend a lot, but he isn’t your responsibility.”

“Max is my best friend. His problems are my problems.”

“I thought Zara was your best friend.”

“You can have two best friends, Daddy.”

“Seems to me like you want Max to be a little more than a friend.”

“What?” Adamaris blushed. “No way. We are just friends.”

“That’s not what you have been saying in your mind. Or out loud, for that matter.”

She groaned and covered her head with her hands. “Stay out of my head! What have I told you about reading my mind.”


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