[Scene Post #1] Road to Destiny: Kissed by Ice

Alright! I wanted to post a small snippet of the first scene in Road to Destiny: Kissed by Ice! So I won’t make this part very long! Please enjoy!

Once upon a time, she didn’t mind the salty sea air of the cove, now the salty sea water made the contents of her stomach roll. Calm waters below invited her to free fall into its cool depths and swim far away from Grimpaitra, her father, and her boyfriend.

The boat bobbed slightly on the water in the huge clay and stone cave where King Ason kept all the airships and boats. Adamaris wiped a tear from her face and stared off the edge of Max’s ship, kicking her feet. 

Max had been spending more time with King Ason and he’d hardly found the time to talk with her, and if he did, he didn’t remember their conversations.

“Are you listening?” he asked.

He talked for the past three hours about JARA, the wood and metal airship handed down from his biological father, Klaus Rivet. He cleaned the same area for the past twenty minutes. Everything he said went in one ear and out the other. Not that he noticed.

“Mari?” Max leaned over the side. His long black hair moved with the breeze and his cheeks burned pink with glee. He offered her a smile that would usually make her swoon, but nowadays it lead to another stupid fact like, ‘Did you know that JARA can get to the edge of Panervarine in about 5 hours?’. He said that once earlier in the day and twelve times in the last week.

Adamaris narrowed her eyes. She spun around and jumped onto the deck. “I have to go home now.”

“Already? The sun is still out, and I thought we could talk about our trip. You’ll be eighteen soon and we made a promise.”

She stopped short at the stairs and peered into the darkness of the staircase. The wood creaked at the gentle breeze in the cave.

A promise. The promise they made at fourteen to travel Gold Gate when they were old enough. What about the promise they made when they started dating almost four years ago? What about their pinky promise?

Nails dug deep into her palm and her blood boiled with the heat of her anger. If she said nothing now, when would she muster the courage?

“We made a lot of promises and a lot of them won’t come true,” she said.

Did Max hear how hard her heart thumped against her ribcage? She drew in a deep breath, ready to do the unthinkable. What happened to Adamaris and Max forever? He was her first in all the ways it counted when you’re fourteen and in love. First date. First kiss. First love.

She turned to him. His lively blue eyes now filled with concern. Was he breathing? Was he trembling?

None of that mattered.

“I think…” Her stomach rolled and her insides quivered. She struggled to keep her voice from trembling and fought to keep her hands from gripping her chest as her heart ached within her. “I think… we should break up.”

Max’s shoulders drooped. His stare was distant for a moment. His breathing picked up, and he shook his head. “What?” His voice cracked.

“I think we should break up,” she said as she squared her shoulders and held her head high.

He rubbed his eyebrow and pinched his eyes shut. “I don’t understand where this is coming from.” He huffed.

She heaved a pitiful laugh as she rubbed her forehead.  “Why am I not surprised?”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Max tilted his head to the side and squished his eyebrows together.

Adamaris clenched her fist hard enough for her knuckles to crack. Her muscles quivered. “For the last year, you’ve been absent! We hardly ever spend time together because of this thing or that thing, and for months I watched you fall in love with this ship! All we talk about is the JARA—painting her, sanding her, washing her, reorganizing her. What about us and my needs and how I’ve been suffering? All you care about is this stupid boat.” She stamped her foot into the wooden boards of the deck. How she wished she was strong enough to kick a hole straight through it and sink the damn thing.

He clenched his jaw and his face reddened. “She’s not a stupid boat.” 

She pressed her palms against her eyes and fought back tears. “Are you kidding me right now? I can’t do this with you anymore! You care about this stupid boat more than you care about me!”

Max rubbed his hands down his face and groaned. He closed the space between them and grabbed her forearm with his large, skinny hand. “I care about you.”

She recoiled at his touch and stepped back. Her chest burned, and her stomach hardened from the smell of his cologne. “I can’t tell!”

He exhaled, “Let’s talk about this.”

She raised the corner of her lip in disgust and stomped down the stairs of the ship. “I’m good.”

“Mari!” His voice echoed throughout the cave.

Adamaris whipped her head around. Heat flushed through her body. She didn’t care about the desperate look on his face or the pain she caused him in that moment.

“Goodbye Max.”


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