Deleted Scenes: Road to Destiny #5

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Okay, so I deleted this scene because I changed the direction of the story just a tad. I was feeling some type of way when I wrote v2 of Road to Destiny LoL! I apologize for any cringe you may experience, and I hope that you are intrigued by the story that Road to Destiny is now! I posted the first official scene a bit ago and you can read it here!


This is my old chapter one back when I was in my feelings. Will no longer exists, and this date never happens with a different character. Please enjoy and consider leaving me a comment with your thoughts!

“Is your hair naturally blue?” Will asked.

He talked nonstop since she arrived 20 minutes ago. On a typical day, she enjoyed the clinking and clanking of her tools as she worked on a vehicle and the smell of old and new oil, but today she hadn’t been able to relax with Will hovering over her, making comments concerning the weather and other random things. 

Adamaris slid under the truck with her wrench. “It’s teal.”

“Teal.” He mumbled. “Is your natural hair color teal?”

She tittered as she shook her head. “I dye it.”

He paced. “Is it rude to ask why that color?”

“It was my mom’s favorite.”

He hummed as he stopped and peeked under the car, his long black hair hung to the floor. “You know… When my grandpa said a mechanic was coming over, you’re not what I imagined.”

She emptied the oil from the HG70-P. “What did you imagine?” She knew what he had in mind, but hearing it didn’t make it any less entertaining.

“A big honking sweaty dude with a neck beard.” He chuckled. “But you’re regal.”

If she got petari for every time she’d heard statements like that since becoming a mechanic, she’d be rich. Most of the time it tickled her, and other times it’d make her want to roll her eyes across town. When she arrived at the house, Will’s small brown eyes grew twice their size. Save for a few indistinguishable sounds, he was speechless. She chuckled to herself because she left few men speechless when they came to her shop.

“I mean it.” He smiled. “You’re the most gorgeous mechanic I’ve ever seen.”

She continued to work on the vehicle. Many have said the same thing, male and female.

“And you mentioned your name was Adamaris?”

She slid from under the vehicle and wiped her hands with a rag from her pocket. “And you said your name’s Will.”

“Basic compared to your name for sure,” he said.

“Will is nice too.” She chortled and poured a jug of oil it into the engine.

“Oh, please. You’re too kind.” He smirked.

The truck drank the last bit of oil, and Adamaris screwed on the cap. “All Done.”

“You move fast. Thank you. Here’s your payment.” He gave her 50 petari and an enormous smile.

She slipped the coins into the pocket of her overalls. “Let Mr. Asefa know I’d be glad to make more house calls.”

“Do you mind if I ask you a question?”

“Yeah, sure,” she said as she gathered her tools.

Will cleared his throat and shoved his hands into the pockets of his sweatpants. His face turned pink. “I hope this isn’t too forward, but can I take you out tonight? I moved here a few days ago to help my grandpa and I could use a friend.” He shot her a smile.

She couldn’t deny Will’s attractiveness—his chiseled face, tight biceps, and she couldn’t forget his broad shoulders. Outside of his looks, he came across as friendly and inviting.She raised one of her eyebrows. “You’re asking me on a date?”

The smile died on his lips, and his shoulders dropped. “Only if you’ll say yes,” he said as he kicked his foot back and forth.

She laughed and put her hands on her hips. “I’ll show up at the pub roughly around the same time as you, and we might sit at the same table.”

He cheered up. Confidence pushed his shoulders back. “My treat. We can meet at seven?”

She headed toward the shed exit and stopped. “See you then.”


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