Author Spotlight: Mandi Oyster

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I wanted to start a series of Author Spotlights to help fellow authors get noticed. Today’s Spotlight interview is Author Mandi Oyster!

Please enjoy the interview with this fantastic lady:

Let’s get to know you!

Who are you and what meal would you gladly eat forever?
Mandi: My name is Mandi Oyster. After I get home from my full-time job as a graphic artist for a local print shop, I am a YA Fantasy Author and Editor. I live in Southwest Iowa on my very own Forest Reserve with my husband, two kids, four cats, and two chinchillas. I keep hoping to find a wardrobe that will whisk me away to a fantasy world or for Gandalf to take me on an adventure.

It’s tough to choose what I would eat forever. It would either have to be a cheeseburger & fries, tacos, or pepperoni pizza. I’m not sure I could live without any of them.

If you could tell your younger writing self anything, what would it be?
Mandi: Listen to your teacher. I had to keep a journal in a high school English class. I already kept a personal one for myself, so I wanted to do something different for my class. I wrote a page a day of a book. Mrs. Heath told me that I should keep it up and try to get it published. Unfortunately, I waited nearly 30 years to publish my first book.

What would you say is the best thing about you?
I wouldn’t. I’m really hard on myself. I can tell you the best things about nearly everybody else, just not me.

Favorite movie and why?
The Lord of the Rings trilogy. I could watch them every day while I’m eating cheeseburgers, pizza, or tacos. The scenery is spectacular, the acting/casting is fantastic, and the story is timeless.

Let’s get to know your book?

Tell us a little about your book and inspiration for it?
Mandi: I began writing Dacia Wolf & the Prophecy after binge reading the first three Harry Potter books in one weekend. A scene that isn’t even in the book anymore just kept playing over and over again in my head. Once I wrote it down, more came to me, begging to be written. I had no plans to write. It just happened.

Dacia Wolf & the Prophecy is a YA Fantasy Novel about Dacia (Day-Sha). She possesses powers in a world where magic is no more than sleight of hand. She has spent her entire life feeling like an outcast around everyone except her best friend, Cody Hawks. She hopes that when she goes to college and nobody knows her things will be different. Instead of changing for the better, she finds out she’s part of a prophecy and must defeat a demon to save the world.

What message would you like readers to get from your book?
Mandi: On the cover of the book, there’s a quote. “Hope lives even in the darkest realms.” I would like people to take that with them. Dacia spends a lot of the book feeling inadequate and afraid, but she never gives up hope. There is always a chance things will get better. You might have to work for it to happen. You might feel like the darkness is unending, but there is always light waiting to break through. Never give up. Never stop believing in yourself.

Which character was the easiest to write? Who was the most challenging
Dacia was the easiest to write. She’s a combination of what I would love to be, what I am, and what many of the people in my life are. I’m not sure who the most difficult to write was. It took me a while to find Cody’s voice, but once I did, it was easier to write him.


Favorite snack?
I’m not much of a snacker, but I love cheese popcorn.

Favorite Color?
Maybe purple. No, wait, blue. Hey, what about pink? Maybe I should go with not orange or yellow but pretty much anything else. 

Book you’re currently reading?
The Shield and The Thistle – ARC by Jillian Bondarchuk

How can people find you?
My website is:
Amazon Author Page:

If you’d like to Dacia Wolf & the Prophecy get it on Amazon today!!

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