Author Spotlight: Bekah Berge

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Today’s Spotlight interview is Author Bekah Berge!

Please enjoy the interview with this absolutely spectacular lady:

Let’s get to know you!

Who are you and what meal would you gladly eat forever?
Bekah: Hi, my name is Bekah Berge and I write young adult and new adult fantasy. I have published four books and am currently working on a few different short stories. I would gladly eat vegan bánh mì sandwiches loaded with spicy Korean kimchi forever. Absolutely love that sandwich, which I make with marinated tempeh. Yum!

If you could tell your younger writing self anything, what would it be?
Bekah: If I could give my younger self writing advice, I’d tell her to focus on the ‘why’ of the story. It’s not enough to write a story about magic and swords, great battles and conniving kings. The story must have a purpose and the characters must have motivation for everything they do. Conviction. Direction. Character development. I think the ‘why’ is what makes a character relatable.

What would you say is the best thing about you?
Oh no… ah!! Hmm, the best thing about me? I’m quite supportive. I really enjoy being a cheerleader for people and helping friends and other indie authors feel supported. I love helping other writers promo their work and I like being there for people. The worst thing in the world (in my opinion) is to feel alone and unseen. So I think that kind of drives me.

Favorite movie and why?
My favorite movie is Across the Universe. I’m a huge fan of The Beatles and that movie did such a phenomenal job showcasing some of their best songs in a way that was fresh and entertaining. There’s so much heart in that movie. The depth of the characters and their struggles…how music brings them all together and paves a way for them to express grief and trauma. That movie has a very special place in my heart. 

Let’s get to know your book?

Tell us a little about your book and inspiration for it?
Bekah: Needlework is about a group of four musicians that are vying for a spot on the coveted main stage at the illustrious Olive Branch Music and Arts Festival. The inspiration for this book came in the form of music. I knew I wanted to write a book about music in a fantasy setting. This is told in a dual POV and I knew one of the main characters would be suffering from chronic pain. 

It is a story that is incredibly personal for me, because I have a really rare chronic pain condition called CRPS (complex regional pain syndrome.) The disease is a malfunction of my central and peripheral nervous systems and it presents itself in my body as severe chronic nerve pain. So writing a main character with chronic pain was difficult on many levels, but I felt it was necessary to present all the various stages one goes through when your body no longer responds the way you want it to. And I wanted to showcase that in someone who is young. People often equate youth with health and sometimes that’s not true. It can be really daunting to try and imagine your future, while knowing you will always be in physical pain.

What message would you like readers to get from your book?
Bekah: I want readers to finish this book and feel uplifted. I want them to take away from this story that yes, life can be awful and painful and isolating and cruel, but you can get through it. That no matter what, there is still beauty and love to be had and experienced. Don’t give up!

Which character was the easiest to write? Who was the most challenging
The easiest character to write was Nova. She’s my favorite and I found her easy to write because she’s so uplifting and loving. Nova is kind of the glue that keeps Needlework together. The best friend that has your back no matter what. I love her so, so much and I aspire to be more like her. 

The most challenging would be Hakim, because I take him down a path that I myself have traversed. So it was therapeutic in a way, but also very difficult to write about some of those really dark times that occur just after a life-changing diagnosis.


Favorite snack?

Favorite Color?

Book you’re currently reading?
A Sea of Pearls and Leaves

How can people find you?
Instagram: Bekah.Berge
Facebook: CRPS Bookshelf
I also have a separate Instagram account called Writing.Pains, which is a community for writers suffering from chronic pain and various diseases.

If you’d like to Needlework, get it on Amazon today!!

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