Author Spotlight: Ian Kirkpatrick

Before we get started, I want to let you know that ROAD TO DESTINY KISSED BY ICE is available for preorder! You can read the first chapter today and order the e-book on Amazon or Books2Read.

Today’s Spotlight interview is Author Ian Kirkpatrick! I’ve known her for quite some time as she has beta first book, Road to Grimpaitra, and my book set to release in September, Road to Destiny Kissed by Ice. Ian has a lot of great ideas and suggestions and A YOUTUBE CHANNEL!

Please enjoy the interview with this outstanding lady:

Let’s get to know you!

Who are you and what meal would you gladly eat forever?
Ian: Hey! I’m Ian Kirkpatrick! I’m an author of satire and speculative fiction, often focusing in dark or morbid subjects like murder, serial killers, death, greed, etc… but spinning them with magical elements that connect with real life. My upcoming novel, Bleed More, Bodymore does just that, using a ghost story to capture how rage and regret are destructive forces that, even after death, continue to destroy the people you’ve left behind. 

My debut novel, Dead End Drive, has magical elements that are more subtle in the way the mansion filled with all the opulence one could ever want corrodes the soul and sort of feeds on the goodwill of those who may enter with even the smallest crack of evil in their soul, slowly turning them to their most extreme vice and letting that drive them. The house has a kind of personality all its own and choose who it likes and doesn’t like in a non-direct sense. You… just sort of have to read it to get what I mean, but the house definitely has a favorite character. So…

On what I’d gladly eat forever… IDK how it could be anything but pizza… when it can have all the major food groups in one and you can change it up so much.

If you could tell your younger writing self anything, what would it be?
Ian: Don’t go to college for creative writing. Get a mentor and a local writing group that talks about writing craft and industry. Do that, read a lot, mark what you like in books and what you think doesn’t work well when you’re reading, and then just write, write, write. Find a crit partner you trust, and trade works. This will be more beneficial than going to school for writing.

What would you say is the best thing about you?
I’m not even sure how to answer this question. Maybe I’d say the creativity I have (even if it’s kinda morbid), the way I look at situations analytically, and the perseverance that keeps me pushing through toward my goals regardless of what other people say. All of these have their downsides, for sure… like being headstrong also means you make a lot of mistakes, lmfao, but I wouldn’t have it any other way or else some of my projects might never have been completed.

Favorite movie and why?
Tropic Thunder is my favorite movie, and that’s because it is hilarious. Satire is pretty top of my list for favorite genres and the movie is so full of ridiculous lines, ridiculous acting, and ridiculous characters, but it and the commentary for each of the character types are brilliant. The movie also feels like a passion project for Ben Stiller because of how out there it was, you can tell he and the cast had a great time working on it.

The first time I saw it, I didn’t like it because of all the swearing, but growing a little older, I just… I understood a lot more of the satire and the ridiculous characters and bruh, it’s so good. My other favorite movie is the more recent Cabin in the Woods. Incredible, fun horror movie that also mixes comedy. I’d probably drop Tucker and Dale vs Evil in there too. I’m sure you can tell I like dark comedy, horror, and satire at this point, ahahaha.

Let’s get to know your book?

Tell us a little about your book and inspiration for it?
Ian: Bleed More, Bodymore focuses on a Baltimore mechanic named Joey as she searches her city for her best friend, Wayland. One night, she was called to pick up his car from the Baltimore body dumping ground known as Linkin Park. He wasn’t there, so she took his car back to the shop alone and found a corpse in the trunk. The cops think Wayland’s missing because he’s a killer, but Joey knows her best friend better than that. While searching for him, she finds a ghost town underneath the city and discovers the source of the violence and anger that rages through her home.

The initial inspiration for this novel came from the phrase Caedis Silvis which is Latin for Murder Forest. After months of thinking about the phrase, I paralleled it to Leakin Park, and I knew there’d be a town of ghosts or that murder forest related to ghosts somehow, so as I started writing, I discovered the ghost town, the connection Leakin Park had to the dead and the living realm, and how all these pieces fit together. The most surprising thing for me was how the myth around the River Styx developed during writing and how much it mixed into the plot. I love it.

What message would you like readers to get from your book?
Ian: Regret is a destructive force that can infect anything and everything around it. Don’t let it consume you.

Which character was the easiest to write? Who was the most challenging?
Joey, the main character, was insanely easy to write because her voice just came alive. It’s what pushed the story. I’m not sure if any of the characters in this novel had a difficult to find voice… Oddly enough, much of this book is driven by impulse, be it a forced impulse or Joey’s impulsive natural, impulsive nature and it was one of the easiest books to write I’ve ever had.


Favorite snack?
White chocolate iced coffee.

Favorite Color?

Book you’re currently reading?
Empress Theresa by Norman Boutin, Why Not Wichita by Peter Catania, and The Butcher Boy by Patrick McCabe.

How can people find you?
Ian: First place: YouTube @ KirkpattieCake
For social media, I’m on Minds and Instagram @ KirkpattieCake
and other video websites: Odysee and Bitchute @ KirkpattieCake


Grab Ian’s debut novel, Dead End Drive, today on Amazon! And Preorder Bleed More, Bodymore!

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